Satisfaction Policy

SleepObrace Satisfaction Policy
the following guarantees only apply to SleepObrace™ products (SleepObrace ADULTS)


3-Month Satisfaction Guarantee

If SleepObrace™ doesn't fit, or there aren’t any benefits within 3 Months (90 Days) after your package’s delivery date, we are willing to give you a Full Refund.

SleepObrace ADULTS:

After your package is delivered to your address, try the 1st Stage appliance only (labeled with "D1"), and do not open and try the remaining stages. We highly advise you to do this with a licensed health professional who can give you a proper evaluation and plan. We provide 90 days to check if SleepObrace™ fits and if you adapt to it. Keep in mind that some pain and discomfort are typical when you first start using and adapting to SleepObrace™. If the D1 doesn’t fit well; causes discomfort; doesn't feel beneficial; or a licensed professional decides that it isn't the right appliance for the user, please contact our support team and tell us that you want to use a “3-Month Satisfaction Guarantee”. In order to get a 100% refund, you must return (at your own expense) your opened and unopened SleepObrace™ appliances and provide a tracking number. If you can’t ship the items back, we can offer a full refund for the D1 only (If you ordered a full SET then it means 1/3 of the price) or a free gift that our support team will present to you. In order to be eligible for this guarantee you need to have ordered at least D1 alone or within a SET (D1+D2+D3).

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