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Please consult with a licensed dentist or orthodontist before using our appliances. We provide a product & not a treatment plan, so we take no responsibility for any complications that may occur. If you decide to use it without professional supervision, you will be using it at your own discretion. When you contact us and if we give you any tips, do not take them for granted because we are not accountable for giving you advice.

This device will force you to breathe through your nose, and you may not be able to breathe through your mouth. So, it isn’t recommended for people who have sleep apnea, difficulties breathing through their nose, and other similar issues, to use this.

If you opt for at-home aligner treatment, maintain regular visits with your dentist to keep your teeth healthy throughout the treatment process. Your dentist can assess sensitivity or pain, gum health, and enamel health. Let them know about your aligner treatment so they can look for potential problems associated with orthodontics during your regular visits.

If you aren’t supervised by a dental professional, you might experience negative side effects such as excessive salivation, unwanted alignment results, gum irritation, mouth blisters and ulcers, tooth and root damage, difficulties breathing and choking, TMJ or other issues.

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