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Brace yourself, only when you sleep!

Straight Teeth

Aligned Bite

Correct Breathing Habits

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Improve quality of teeth and jaw misalignment with 3 levels of SleepObrace™ and dental tools


Keep your jawline toned by activating 57+ facial muscles with JAWCHEWz


Level-up your new smile with a comprehensive whitening kit, delivering results in 6 days

Comprehensive Care

Your teeth, jaw, and bite work as a team everyday, so we at SleepObrace™ set out to give you solutions that work together the same way.

Standardized Shape

SleepObrace™ is made out of non-toxic and flexible materials. It creates strong and evenly spread-out pressure throughout the jaw. This pressure results in a defined jawline, closed gaps, aligned teeth, better facial aesthetics, and improved dental arch. The used material has the characteristic to fit most jaws with no abnormal teeth displacements.

SleepObrace™ D Model

Three strengths, 3 stages! Buy SleepObrace™

The first stage: The first stage: Soft. Mainly used to adapt to the orthotics and initial correction.

The second stage: Moderate. Further adapt to orthotics and enhance remedial effects.

Third stage: Hard. Increased correction force for post-correction and maintenance.

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Stay Aligned

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