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Brace yourself, only when you sleep!

Straight Teeth

Aligned Bite

Correct Breathing Habits

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Improve quality of teeth and jaw misalignment with 3 levels of SleepObrace™ and dental tools


Keep your jawline toned by activating 57+ facial muscles with JAWCHEWz


Level-up your new smile with a comprehensive whitening kit, delivering results in 6 days

Comprehensive Care

Your teeth, jaw, and bite work as a team everyday, so we at SleepObrace™ set out to give you solutions that work together the same way.

Universal Shape

The universal shape makes sure that people with different kinds of dental deformations can wear it. It aligns your teeth while your jaw and face structure are changing due to SleepObrace pressure, when you are asleep! It's made of strong, yet flexible materials so that your teeth can fit-in and adjust accordingly. It's designed to apply pressure on your jaws and teeth evenly!

SleepObrace™ D Model

Three strengths, 3 stages! Buy SleepObrace™

The first stage: The first stage: Soft. Mainly used to adapt to the orthotics and initial correction.

The second stage: Moderate. Further adapt to orthotics and enhance remedial effects.

Third stage: Hard. Increased correction force for post-correction and maintenance.

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Stay Aligned

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