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Brace Yourself, Only When You Sleep!

SleepObrace™ features align teeth, close gaps, and increase jawline and facial aesthetics, even for adults!

Users often report improvements with teeth grinding, crooked teeth, TMJ, overbite, snoring, jaw tension, sleep quality, and more.

Wear it when you sleep and effortlessly reach your goals in short time!

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A More Confident Smile, in 3 Simple Stages

From Crooked teeth, Gaps, Crowding, Crossbite, Overbite, and Underbite,
SleepObrace gently corrects your teeth while you sleep*

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3 Month Satisfaction Guarantee

All The Benefits Of Braces, Without the Fuss


FDA compliant

Wear only during sleep

No food restrictions

Improves breathing & sleep



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3 Month Satisfaction Guarantee

Comfortable, Convenient, and Affordable

It's time to breathe better, look better, sleep better and live better! Increase life quality and smile with confidence!

Gently Corrects Dental Misalignments

The universal shape of SleepObrace ensures people with different kinds of dental misalignments can wear it. It gently aligns your teeth and jaw evenly and corrects oral habits to give you a natural smile and jawline — all while you sleep! It's made of strong, yet flexible materials so that your teeth can fit-in and adjust gradually.

Alleviates Snoring & Improves Sleep

SleepObrace™'s "Tongue Plate" will teach you to unconsciously hold the tongue at the roof of the mouth and nose-breathe, which has a lot of benefits: including less snoring, less teeth grinding, more defined facial muscles & jawline, and a better night’s sleep - just ask any doctor!

Using SleepObrace™ Can Help You with...

Teeth Misalignment (Crooked Teeth)

Bite Misalignments (e.g. Overbite..)

Teeth Gaps

Dental Crowding

Narrow Dental Arch

Improving Jawline & Facial Aesthetics

Snoring & Teeth Grinding

Mouth/Improper Breathing

Low Sleep Quality & Headaches


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SleepObrace™ Nightly Teeth Straightener for Adults (Age 15+)




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Aligns Teeth Effortlessly During Sleep

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Safe to Use & FDA Compliant

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50,000+ customers stand behind our product. This is why we’re offering a 3-Month Satisfaction Guarantee. So, if it doesn't fit or seem beneficial, you can get a full refund. Read our full policy here.

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3 Month Satisfaction Guarantee

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