About Us

Who are we?
We are Orthoxy, the makers of SleepObrace and other solutions! We are dedicated to improving dental and overall health, appearance, breathing, sleep, beauty, hygiene and general quality of life by focusing on factors which cause problems in those areas. Our goal at Orthoxy™ is to educate and raise awareness of the root causes of irregular teeth and bite alignments, improper breathing, airway problems, sleep apnea, poor sleep quality, and other dental and overall health issues, and to provide a range of products and effective solutions for these issues to people worldwide.

Breathe better, sleep better, look better, live better! - Orthoxy


Our Mission & Approach:
We believe in the myofunctional approach. These principles, such as correcting bad habits and addressing root causes, are crucial to preventing and correcting many problems and achieving optimal health. Bad oral and myofunctional habits that are considered root causes of various dental and breathing issues include mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, incorrect swallowing, thumb sucking, and poor posture. These habits can lead to dental misalignments, beauty issues, airway issues, and breathing problems such as sleep apnea and snoring. By addressing and correcting these habits along with some of our solutions, it is believed that many of these issues can be prevented or resolved. Especially when this approach is implemented early in life, it can help ensure proper growth and development of the face, airway and jaws, leading to straighter teeth, improved facial aesthetics, and better overall health. We aim to increase the general knowledge about oral habits and myofunctional therapy in the global population and educate people of most ages about the importance of these principles and what can they do to tackle these problems. 

Our next goal is to add a lot more products and make the classic SleepObrace™ available in different sizes and new types of appliances specifically designed to address different problems to meet the diverse needs of our users.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Join us in our mission:
We are always looking for like-minded partners to collaborate with us in spreading awareness and providing solutions for a healthier and happier future. Join us in our mission!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: It is important to note that Myofunctional Approach is a specific approach to dental and facial development that is not universally accepted by all dental and medical professionals. We encourage everyone to consult with a qualified medical or dental professional before making any decisions about treatment options for any of these issues. Additionally, individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. Please read our MEDICAL DISCLAIMER & CAUTIONS before using any of our products.
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